Spiritual Consultation / Advisory


It is in my divine contract with the Creator to bring as many souls back to the Primordium as possible. One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is guide people who need clarity and direction in their lives in regards to spirituality. Unbeknownst to me, when my Kundalini began to rapidly activate in 2007, I became divinely set ablaze with an unquenchable thirst for everything that pertained to GOD. I began reading and researching everything I could get my hands on. At the same time, I was being guided to certain teachings and books that would support my calling to help others out of their darkness. I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in dialogue in service to others. I realized I was in training for the cause of what I am now SRI Master Gano Grillsdoing with the Galighticus.

Throughout my journey, I have been given keys and gifts from higher aspects of myself that dwell in other dimensions of reality. I have a much deeper insight that allows me to advise others with ease. When I consult others, my consciousness shifts to a higher gear, and the gnosis of what to do comes through. This would be from the God, Lord Ganesha/LORD THOTH who is my higher form. He is the one who gives me the gift of removing obstacles from the lives of those with whom I consult, with ease and miraculously.

When people employ the direction given by my consult, their lives change for the better. The proof is in the end result.
There will soon come a time when I am no longer able to offer consultations for I have a much bigger job to do; but for now, I AM happy and willing to help as many as I can while I am still in this particular juncture.

Sometimes people need the clarity of a Master to realign them with their true purpose in life. As I?consult many, I receive information from everywhere about how to solve their blocks and achieve their fullest destiny. The consultation from a Master is a powerful way to gift yourself with the ultimate direction and map for your life. ? Only The Gods can? bestow one? with the divine accreditation of SRI MASTER. This is their acknowledgment of what I do here on Earth, as well as in other realms that I teach in


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Consultations are done on Mondays & Tuesdays of each week.? Times are subject to change without notice.? If you have a scheduled consult and you do not receive a call from Sri Master within an hour of the booked time, please call or email customer service so that your consult can be rescheduled.? Sri Master does his best to honor the time slot selected, however, unforeseen circumstances may prevent him from doing so.? Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The day will come when I will eventually retire from doing spiritual consultations because they are very draining. For now, it is my honor to be of assistance.

All ONE-HOUR consultees will receive a 15% discount off, one future seminar of their choosing after the consultation is completed.