They are primarily done remotely in the comfort of your own space.? However, it is strongly encouraged that your spiritual education is furthered by attending seminars.? We offer a %15 discount to all of our Students of the Ascension Program, Initiate Program, and Baldr-Kronos.
The studentship Programme is the Premier focal point of the movement and that each of the students participates as 1 of 144000 that are working to achieve the divine right of ascension. That particular program is comprised of 12 months of breaking down to the human default program. Most students take 1 to 2 years to complete this particular program. The initiate programme is in essence the studentship programme, with more power added into it that comes from particular rituals to give the initiate the status of wielding more divine power within their own lives. This is beyond intermediate and quite specific. The Initiate program serves the client Who is looking to obtain more of the power that comes from the gods themselves. The BALDR/KRONOS programme is a top tier adeptship that gives the client the very strongest dose of all that the Galighticus movement has to offer. The Adepts of this programme will learn directly from Lord Thoth himself. The mysteries of controlling time and becoming an exalted being are the prime directive of this programme.